The role of the student council

The role of the student council

The new society makes new demands on education. Implementing new educational tasks requires new approaches, addressing the student’s personality with its needs and interests. Student council in the university is not just an independent phenomenon but is an essential component of the whole educational process, which has a special ideological load. The leading activities of the student body are solving problems of social protection of students, organization of material assistance, promotion of educational, scientific-educational activities, work of student groups, societies, associations, studios, interest clubs, and work of student councils of dormitories, solving social issues, etc. The main purpose of the student council is to create conditions for the self-realization of students and their personal development. The council is actively involved in the organization of the educational process, student leisure, and living in dormitories and classrooms. Each member of the council works to intensify students’ educational work and make sure that their weekdays and holidays are filled with positivity and harmony. When students apply to student council, they are required to write why I want to run for student council essay. Such writing assignments can cause problems for some of them because not everyone knows how to express their thoughts creatively. 

How to write an essay about student council?

The structure for essay development includes the following stages:

  • Introduction. In this section, the author gives the reader a brief summary of the analyzed topic with the appropriate hypothesis. It sets the very mood of the essay, which will be carried through the entire text. The latter can be asked in the form of a question or as a statement awaiting confirmation. In any case, these are decisions that reflect the originality and style of the writer.
  • Development. Statement of reasons, ideas, and prospects. Much (relevant) data and information should be posted here. In addition, the author must clearly explain what his most pressing reasons are to support or contradict the hypothesis embodied in the introduction. Every opinion is constantly supported properly.
  • Conclusion. The last part of the essay is a brief overview of everything explained in the development to present the decision as a conclusion. After reading the conclusions, the reader should think about the problem raised, reflect on what was said, and come to his position.

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