Whom can I ask to write me a speech in 5 hours?

Whom can I ask to write me a speech in 5 hours?

Speeches are important part of our life. They are needed everywhere: in school, in politics, in war and even on holidays. Writing speeches is a difficult job, which not everyone can cope with.  If you need speech, and have not person who can give you speech writing help, we can help you!

Who can help me write a speech in 5 hours?

We often are asked: “Can you write me a speech in 5 hours?”. Yes, we can. Speech is often written for a certain person. We take into account the nature of the speaker, the tempo of his usual speech, familiar expressions and do our work. 

Speech necessarily takes into account all factors related to the audience, what people want to hear, what they expect.

Among the important factors of well-written speech: easy memorization, easy pronunciation, the use of simple words, vivid images, and this is not the whole list.  Text must be interesting and exciting.

That which is well read is not always well listened. Texts that are written for listeners have their own rules. What is easy to read, and what our brain can process after reading, sometimes has the wrong effect if it is necessary to present it orally. The reasons – in the articulation, gestures, facial expressions or the voice of the speaker.

Complicated sentences, many competing accents and images, or a substantive writing style complicate auditory perception and understanding. These are communication factors that distract with auditory perception.  Therefore, it is imperative to use accurate and concise statements.

Suggestions for reading out loud should be concise and understandable. Each spoken sentence has a base that defines the structure of the sentence, and a highlighted base that is spoken of. Word order is also a way to understand speaker. 

Many people ask “Who can write my speech?”. We write texts for all kinds of speeches, for example:

  • welcome speeches;
  • scientific speeches, lectures, reports;
  •  solemn, congratulatory, anniversary speeches
  • advertising, agitatorial speech;
  • funeral speeches;
  • spiritual speeches, sermons;
  • presentations: scientific, advertising, political. 

All of our employees are native speakers and professionals with many years of experience.

Our best speech writers

1.Make offers with one basis

We do not use complex and long sentences. The listener is easily distracted, and therefore it is necessary to speak in clear and simple language. The sentence is easy to understand if it is pronounced in one breath.

2. We avoid compression

Information containing many nouns is more difficult to understand, and especially if it contains conversions and verbs, therefore we avoid complex sentences.

3. We avoid stereotypical expressions.

“As I was informed from the marketing and sales departments, this is a serious problem” This is definitely not the oral style that is needed, since this text sounds very pompous. It is better to say: “I was informed about a serious problem …” We also avoid stereotypical empty words:”Reason”, “Outcome”, “As he said something” and another. 

4. We put a minimum of information in one sentence.

If one sentence contains a lot of information, then it is hardly perceived by ear. A large amount of information requires a lot of accents that confuse listeners. We create short sentences which bring clarity.

 5. We create sentences of up to 10 words.

The amount of human memory is designed for information within six to ten seconds. Therefore, long sentences are hard to understand. In addition, long sentences are usually pronounced faster, which further complicates understanding.  The rate of speech is an average of 150 words per minute.

Who can help me write a speech in 5 hours? We can! 

Still in doubt about us? We guarantee you that in case of non-compliance with the conditions of the order we will refund your money. Also you can contact our support center 24/7 to get more information about our work.  You can rely on our service because we are the best of the best and offer only the best quality at the best prices. All our clients were satisfied with the choice of our service, because we comply with all the requirements for the implementation of tasks, do not overstate the price of the task and provide the best customer support service!

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